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 Ethical T-Shirt Printers are a small family business. With a wide range of garment decorating experience ETEES have built up a reputation for achieving some of the best quality print work and design concepts in the UK. T shirt printing is a far more complex business than most people give credit, to achieve the very best print quality and designs you have to know what your doing, and this only comes with skill and experience.

How we started our journey

When leaving school (a long time ago now)! Myself Paul and my brother Jim came up with this idea to print t-shirts. Back then there was only screen printing available, no transfer printing, no digital printing, it wasn’t invented yet. Having next to no budget to start, we took to building our own basic screen printing machinery. This was an adventure on it’s own, no You Tube to look up ‘how to’ back then.

Two years later we were printing garments for dozens of customers every week, schools, clubs, shops, staff uniforms, football teams and many more. As the business grew one thing we always had at the front of our mind was to keep the quality and service. Now we print thousands of garments per day using some of the latest automatic machinery. We can print in up to 10 colours in one pass, giving us the versatility to handle some of the most complex of screen prints.

As time has gone by of course the industry has changed. Digital transfers have arrived, cutter plotter machines cut out vinyl logos and numbers. Embroidery also became more affordable with the introduction of multi-head embroidery machines with incredible accuracy. We also had the invention of automatic screen printing machines.

The Ethical Choice

Ethical Tees were one of the first printer to start to check the ethical credentials of our supply chain. In the beginning many years ago this wasn’t easy to check as the world wide web was in it’s early stages and information was hard to find. We’ve always had ethics and environmental concerns about everything we make and do.

Not to Big to care. Big Enough to Cope

Still being classed as a small family business we pride ourselves on our customer service and our quality. Paul deals direct with the customer email enquiries, having  the extensive knowledge of all aspects of screen printing and screen printing artwork. Also years of experience on knowing what will work and what won’t. Nothing worse then receiving your t-shirts and find that the logo hasn’t printed very well and looks awful!

Great Quality at a Great Price

We also have an advantage over the big boy printers. We cater for small orders as low as 10 garments, but also cater for the bigger quantities. Our prices are really competitive also, being based in Torquay, Devon. We have lower overheads giving us the ability to give you great prices but still knowing that you have ordered from an ethically aware business who pay their staff above the living wage and have done for many years.

Contact Paul or Jim with your enquiry

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